Our state-of-the art facilities are equipped to cope with all your needs in regards to frames and stencil making. We use well known, internationally recognised materials ensuring premium quality.

Frames of Every Size Imaginable

Kiwo has the ability to supply a wide range of screen frames and stencils from as small as 7 x 20 cm through to larger formats up to 2.5m x 5m. Frame shapes range from the traditional rectangular models through to the more uncommon circular frames. Using only premium materials such as our stainless steel wire, polyester and our nylon-mesh from Sefar will ensure both high tension levels and repeatability in your printing results.

Screen Frame Adhesives to Streamline Your Process

Combined with your choice of frame, Kiwo recommends Kiwobond frame adhesives and a Sefar pneumatic stretching system to reach optimal tension levels on each screen.For print-ready stencils we stock a wide range of high quality emulsions and capillary films.

Screen Printing Emulsion

When printing on flat or moulded surfaces, particular requirements are necessary for the stencils. This means that the copying materials have to meet these requirements as well. Kiwo offers screen printing emulsions where nanotechnology leads to higher mechanical and chemical resistance without becoming brittle.

Read more about our range of emulsions that possess many of the features required within this market.

Give us a call at 8318 5555 (Melbourne) or 9781 1555 (Sydney) should you have any questions related to stencil making procedures.