Unmatched shades and tones can spell disaster in branding campaigns. With two state-of-the-art colour matching labs in Australia, we can guarantee pantone precision. We use equipment at the cutting edge of technology to handle all our colour matching jobs, ensuring the ability to match and reproduce colours with accuracy.
Choose from our wide range of graphic, digital, UV, and plastisol screen printing inks and chemicals to ensure optimal results throughout your printing process.

Take a Step into the Future with Metal Packaging Coatings

Our latest extension of the business has led to an expansion into colour matching and mixing solutions for the fast growing metal decoration sector.
We can assist with matching tones for any of our metal packaging coatings and our coloured coatings for packaging. We use premium coloured coatings for packaging from highly regarded suppliers such as Schekolin and Zeller-Gmelin from Germany, ensuring both a high quality look and finish.

Products and Services to Streamline Your Printing Process

For decades, Kiwo products and services have continued to set standards throughout the industry through our anticipation of trends and developments. At Kiwo we prioritise customer service and endeavour to make your printing process as efficient and productive as possible. Read more about our product support and consultancy services or give us a call at (03) 8318 5555 (Melbourne) or (02) 9781 1555 (Sydney) with your queries.