Product Overview

The Wilflex range of Textile inks includes, bases and additives, colour mixing systems, Non-PVC and Non-phthalate inks, transfer, and white inks as well as a selection of speciality, discharge and water based inks.

Bases and Additives

Wilflex offers a selection of bases designed to print onto cotton and a variety of specialty fabrics, including performance wear, athletic stretch fabrics, polyester and polyester blended fabrics. Additives include reducers, thickeners, extenders and special effect products which are all designed to enhance the Wilflex line of inks.

Colour Mixing Systems

The Wilflex colour mixing range consists of either a ready for use system or pigment and base system, both of which are specially formulated with non-phthalate plasticizers. They are suitable for high production, wet-on-wet printing, offering a matte finish and excellent crock resistance. There is also the newer Oasis water base mixing system suitable for both standard water base and discharge inks.

Transfer Inks

Wilflex Transflex inks are suitable for soft-feel, hot-split transfers giving the appearance of a direct print. Users can create translucent or opaque colours by adjusting the pigment loading as well as achieving soft, opaque prints on dark fabrics, without underbasing. Transflex inks are designed for fine line detail and solid spot colour printing applications.

White Inks

Wilflex white inks deliver superior printability and a visually white appearance. Many can be used as an under base flash white or highlight white. Most offer fast flash times with low after-tack, excellent fibre mat-down, high brightness, and/or matte appearance. There is a wide range of whites suitable for use on cotton, poly/cotton and synthetic fabrics.

Speciality inks

A range of Special Effects inks have been created to add another dimension to printed garments These inks have been specially formulated and offer effects, such as the appearance of glass, gel, water, or high gloss surfaces. Other special effect inks include metallics, glitters, puff, rock, leather and three dimensional inks are also available.