Product Overview

Ulano offers an extensive range of Photo Emulsions suitable for use in each of the three main sectors of the Screen Printing industry – Graphics, Textile, and Industrial.

The range of Emulsions includes:

SBQ Emulsions

The pre-sensitized premixed one component SBQ emulsions offer Ultra-fast exposing speeds and excellent solvent resistance. Pre-Sensitized Dual-Cure Hybrid Emulsions offer excellent resolution, durability imaging properties but slightly longer exposure times.

Some ready-to-use SBQ emulsions are formulated with a “masking colour” that reduces light scattering on white mesh. Others are designed for use with solvent-based inks, conventional UV and water-based UV inks as well as glass printing with abrasive frit inks.

Diazo- Photopolymer (Dual Cure emulsions)

The majority of dual-cure emulsions have a high solids content which contributes to faster drying times. The higher solids content also enables a higher thickness build per coat which in turn results in relatively lower Rz values. These emulsions also have excellent mesh bridging ability assisting in a sharp stencil edge. With their fast exposure times, dual cure emulsions have superior stencil resolution and definition properties as well as offering resistance to the majority of solvent and water-based inks, (including UV), vinyls and nylons.


Diazo emulsions have been used for many decades and are still preferred when low production cost is a major consideration. Diazo emulsions are either water resistant or resistant to UV and solvent-based inks. Plastisol inks may be used with either one of the listed emulsions.

Stencil Treatment

Hardening. Ulano stencil hardeners are designed to penetrate the stencil forming an additional chemical bond with the mesh. Application of most Stencil Hardeners makes reclaiming screen mesh virtually impossible.