Product Overview

Ulano offers a wide range of Films for many different applications. These include Pigment Inkjet film for Film Positives, Masking and Hand cut films, indirect films as well as Ulano’s extensive range of Capillary films.

Pigment Inkjet Film

Designed for use in inkjet printers, it is compatible with dye or pigment inks and can be used as a replacement for a high priced image setters and low quality laser printers.

Masking Film

Suitable for platemaking and contact work for masking of photo-sensitive materials as well as screen process photo stencil making.

Knife cut / Hand cut Films

These films are available as either water resistant or solvent resistant products. Ulano’s water resistant film is designed primarily for poster and general screen work and is compatible with all inks that don’t contain water whereas the solvent resistant films are suitable for use with the majority of solvent based screen inks.

Indirect Films

Ideal for applications involving shorter print runs. All Ulano gelatine-based indirect Films are totally solvent resistant offering fine image detail reproduction and excellent stencil edge definition.

Capillary Films

Ulano offers a wide range of Capillary Films for many different applications. These films are an economical alternative to direct emulsions in areas such as material cost, labour savings and production time. Within any capillary film series, thinner films are generally used for finer detail, thinner ink deposit applications on fine screen mesh, whereas thicker films are generally used on coarser mesh counts where thicker ink deposits are required.

Technical Data sheet