Product Overview

Ulano supplies a wide selection of Chemicals for use in the preparation, production and reclamation of screens and stencils. Ulano screen chemicals are compatible with all Ulano stencil systems including Direct Emulsions and Films.


These products are used to “Prep” the screen mesh prior to applying the Emulsion, and come in either liquid, paste or gel form. All are designed to remove dirt, dust, and oils from the mesh, reducing the risk of stencil failure and pin holing. Some Mesh Prep products contain a fine grit for roughening and degreasing in a single step which increases the surface area of synthetic meshes for a better mechanical bond with indirect films and direct emulsions.


Being less expensive than direct emulsion or capillary film, these products are used to block areas of the screen that are not part of the image or that did not get coated. Screen Fillers / Blockouts resist all ink systems except water based inks and are easily removed when de-coating the screen as they readily dissolve with water and rinse down the drain.


Stencil Removers are available in Liquid, Powder and Paste form. Most are designed for manual application while others are suitable for use in dip tanks. All are designed for fast and thorough removal of direct emulsions, CDF Direct-Films, and Pulsar indirect films. Most can be used on a wide range of screen mesh types including metalized polyester.


A stencil scum and ink haze remover which is effective on most inks and emulsions.


Hardening. Ulano stencil hardeners are designed to penetrate the stencil forming an additional chemical bond with the mesh. Application of most Stencil Hardeners makes reclaiming screen mesh virtually impossible.