Product Overview

Sefar has a wide range of Screen Meshes manufactured for use within an even wider Screen Printing Industry. From the high abrasion resistance required for Ceramic printing to the ultra-fine mesh counts required within the electronics industry to meet precisely defined printing parameters through to the graphics industry where printing multi-colour prints of varnish, metallic effects and razor-sharp fonts is required.

Sefar Meshes are commonly used in the print production of:

  • Ceramics: Includes decals and the direct printing of glazes on tiles.
  • Graphics: Large and small format including Decals and labels.
  • Electronics: Touch Screens and displays, Membrane switches and dials, Printed circuits.
  • Glass: Home wares, Automotive, Construction, Home appliance and Electronics.
  • Textiles: Light fabrics, Heavy fabrics (industrial) Garments.
  • Plastics and Packaging: Containers, Credit Cards, Promo items, Sports equipment, Optical Discs, Labels IMS (In mould Decoration).
  • Solar Cells: Crystalline solar cells, Dye-sensitized solar