Product Overview

Pleiger manufactures a range of High Performance polyurethane screen printing squeegees which are custom formulated to achieve high solvent resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. This combination results in a squeegee blade that will better maintain its durometer when subjected to aggressive inks such as UV, Epoxy, and Enamel, Vinyl and other solvent based ink systems and solvents.

Different squeegee profiles to suit different jobs.


The rounded tip is exceptional for heavy ink deposits required for printing white inks on dark substrates/fabrics

Square Edge Triple Durometer

The more rigid centre provides maximum support for the two softer print edges. Ideal for printing on high mesh counts/tensions. Excellent in printing four-color process work or half-tone jobs on automatic presses.

Straight Edge Single Durometer

Depending on the Durometer, this profile is ideal for a number of applications and is the most popular and versatile in the textile industry. Useful for a wide range of meshes and ink viscosities, heavier/ thicker deposits, low-tension screens or screens with minimum off-contact distance.