Mutoh Genuine UV Ink

Ink for UV printers

  • Mutoh’s UV ink offers world-class colour reproduction and printer reliability. We continually test the performance of Mutoh UV ink in our labs ensure you get the best quality output and the reliability you need. Our tests allow us to guarantee batch-to-batch consistency for the life of your printer.
  • Mutoh UV ink is made specially for our UV printers. Each Printer is unique in its own ways.
  • Use the benchtop flatbed VJ-426UF UV Printer for:
    – directional signs
    – golf balls
    – trophies
    – labels
    – pens
    – phone cases
    – packaging
    – prototypes
  • Use the VJ-1626UF roll-to-roll and rigid media UV printer for:- signs and banners- stickers and decals- backlit menus and signs- wallpaper- textured prints- packaging- prototypes
  • Between the VJ-426UF and the VJ-1626UH there are several ink configuration options that include White and Varnish (Clear). In fact, both machines use exactly the same ink cartridges, so ordering becomes easier for print businesses with both models.
  • To ensure the best performance from your Mutoh printer, insist on genuine Mutoh inks. Mutoh genuine ink is available from our authorised Dealers. Product ordering codes and recommended prices are below. You should not be paying any more than the indicated RRP price (plus GST and not including shipping). Inks that appear to be comparatively very cheap are often an indication of non-genuine / fake products. For futher information Contact Mutoh Australia.


Mutoh LED-UV Ink Cartridges

Order Code


220ml Cyan UV Ink VJ-LUH1-CY220 $110.00
220ml Magenta UV Ink VJ-LUH1-MA220 $110.00
220ml Yellow UV Ink VJ-LUH1-YE220 $110.00
220ml Black UV Ink VJ-LUH1-BK220 $110.00
220ml White UV Ink VJ-LUH1-WH220 $110.00
220ml UV Varnish VJ-LUH1-VA220 $110.00
220ml UV Cleaning Cartridge VJ-LUH1-CL220 $110.00



  • Mutoh UV ink is specifically formulated and packaged for use in Mutoh UV printers and is available in 220ml cartridges. Using genuine Mutoh inks gives you peace of mind and the protection of our full product warranty for your Mutoh UV printer.
  • Mutoh LED UV inks allow printing on both roll and rigid substrates and on a wide variety of products and their prototypes, even 3D objects up to 70mm thick on the ValueJet 426UF desktop flatbed printer. Our LED UV printers integrate an energy-efficient LED-UV lamp that instantly cures the UV inks and delivers safe and ready to use prints. Mutoh ValueJet UV printers use LED Lamps that output little or no heat, which means printing onto heat-sensitive materials is possible.
  • Prints made with Mutoh UV ink are UV and water resistant for up to three years outdoors.
  • Mutoh UV Inks are completely VOC free and contain no Hazardous Air Pollutants (non-HAP).


Mutoh UV ink is designed for printing on to suitable coated and uncoated media for use both indoors and outdoors, with UV and water resistance for up to three years.With the right media, Mutoh UV ink produces great results for a wide range of applications, according to the Mutoh UV printer you choose.Mutoh UV Ink with the ValueJet 1626UH:

  • Point-of-Sale signage
  • Corflute, aluminium composite panel, foamboard, carboard
  • Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Banners
  • Pull-up banners
  • Packaging
  • Prototypes
  • Labels
  • Backlit menu panels
  • Wallpaper
  • Textured prints

Mutoh UV Ink with the ValueJet 426UF:

  • Packaging
  • Prototypes
  • Labels
  • Point-of-Sale signage
  • Directional signage
  • Instructional signage
  • Textured signs
  • ID cards
  • Phone cases
  • pens
  • golf balls
  • Photo panels
  • Trophies and awards
  • all sorts of personalised and promotional items

Please note
there’s a large range of media you can use for printing with Mutoh LED-UV printers, however, not all brands and types of media perform in the same way. We therefore strongly suggest you consult your media supplier and, in any case, test all products you wish to use to ensure fitness and suitability of purpose. Mutoh makes no claims of suitability, express or implied, as to the suitability of purpose of media used with our printers or cutters.


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