Product Overview

Marabu is a world-leading manufacturer of screen, digital and pad printing inks offering high-quality inks in over 80 countries. Products range from Digital inkjet, traditional and UV screen inks, primers, liquid coatings and many more. The Advantages of UV technology in contrast to traditional solvent-based inks is the new UV ink technology uses completely new raw materials and reaction mechanisms that ensure a faster and more reliable screen printing production process.


A broad selection of brilliantly coloured or highly transparent inks suitable for glass printing. Manufactured for glass packaging, large flat panels, indoor and outdoor use, bottles, and containers, furniture, or communication devices.

Container printing

A range of inks suitable for use on a wide variety of plastic substrates such PE, PP, PET, or other plastic containers and packaging covering all shapes and sizes including bottles and tubes


A range of UV curable inks suitable for an extremely wide range of substrates. Designed for use in rotary screen printing, letterpress, offset and flat-bed label printing.

Membrane switches

Solvent-based, one- or two-component inks. Features include Matt finishes, high opacity and outstanding printability, excellent elasticity and resistance to temperature extremes as well as the ability to adhere to injection-moulded materials.

A range of solvent / UV-curable inks for indoor and for outdoor use. Substrates include cardboard (including corrugated card), paper, self-adhesive PVC film, hard PVC and polystyrene. Other features include very low odour, high elasticity, e.g. for creasing, die-cutting, scoring etc. a satin or gloss finish as well as very fast-drying properties.

Outdoor Signs

A selection of solvent-based inks which offer performance and durability, excellent co-efficient of retro-reflection, very good UV-resistance and ability to withstand all weather conditions.

Identity cards

Specialty products with a versatile colour mixing system ideal for lamination, highly flexible, suitable for embossing, die-cutting, and laser marking.

Optical discs

A range of fast-curing UV-curable inks with very low radial deviation. Ideal for the latest high-speed printing systems.

Speciality Inks

A range of Special-effect inks including glow, metallic, mirror, glitter, pearlescent, luminescent – fluorescent, thermo and UV-active inks. Some with built in safety features offer visual or tactile effects making them an invaluable advertising tool. Certain features of some inks can also serve an informative function, for example in the pharmaceutical or food industries, where they increase consumer safety.