The most cost-effective printing platform for medium runs.


  • Reduced by half cost-per-print
  • No more screen limitations per design
  • 250 garments per hour
  • Web-to-print enableme


  • Prints with photorealistic quality
  • Developed specifically for mass production
  • Degassing system for smooth ink flow ensuring reliability
    and consistency
  • Eco-friendly process and biodegradable ink complies with
    strictest industry standards

The Kornit Vulcan brings it all home: mass customization, top print speed, and astonishing color accuracy in one industrial printing platform. With the full flexibility and streamlined workflow of digital printing and a cost-per- print that rivals traditional screen printing, the Vulcan is the  ultimate solution for medium runs.

With the Vulcan, more textile printers and garment decorators can benefit from digital printing advantages: drastically reduced turnaround times, mass customization capabilities, elimination of setup costs, and significantly reduced labor and manufacturing space.


Print Heads: 60 heads
Max Printing Resolution: Up to 1,200 dpi
Ink Channels: 7 colors CMYKRG + White
Ink Recirculation System: Integrated
NeoPigmentTM Ink Containers: 4 Liter/ 135 oz ink container bulk system
Max Production Output *: Light and dark garments: 250
Printing Area: Up to 28 x 39 in / 70×100 cm
Printable Substrates: Cotton, Polyester, Cotton-Polyester blends, Lycra, Viscose, Silk, Denim, Linen and more
Humidity System: Integrated
Wrinkle Detection System: Integrated
Max Weight: Approx. 6,500 kg / 14,000 lb
Power Requirements: 230/110 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3PH + GND + N
Compressed Air Pressure: 6-10 bar (90-145 psi) regulated
Operating system: Windows 7
Operating Conditions: 18°C – 30° C / 64.4°F- 86°F
Dimensions: 290 x 84 x 136 in / 735 x 212 x 345 cm