Industrial Direct to Garment printers
that answer all your production needs

Kiwo Australia and Kornit Digital offer Direct to Garment print businesses a solutions portfolio that ranges from entry level to mass production. Whether you are a growing DTG business, already at high-production level, or a screen printer looking towards hybrid apparel decoration, let our extensive print portfolio and full array of services partner with you on your digital print journey.

Make the right choice

All Kornit DTG printers are made from high-end materials that have passed rigorous inspection. With the most advanced, cost effective production workflow available in the market, and its unrivaled 24/7 operating capability. Kornit`s direct to garment printers are the optimum solution for a range of businesses that are looking to achieve fast turnarounds with maximum profit.

  • Avalanche
    Industrial DTG
  • StormII
    Industrial DTG
    Industrial DTG
  • Storm Hexa
    Industrial DTG
  • Avalanche 1000
    Industrial DTG
  • Storm 1000
    Industrial DTG
    Direct-to-Garment Mass Production

Kornit Avalanche

Kornit Breeze

Kornit Allegro