KIWO Screen Cleaners, Reclaimers, Haze Removers

Product Overview

KIWO offers a wide range of highly efficient screen preparation products suitable for all mesh types. Specific products have been designed for Screen Cleaning, Stencil Removal, Degreasing and Haze Removal. There are also the KIWO CLEANLINE and PREGAN product lines to fulfil your performance and environmental requirements.

Screen Cleaners

Some of KIWO’s Screen cleaning products include chemicals with highly evaporative properties making them very effective solvents for cleaning screens on press while other solvents are water miscible with a longer reaction time. Screen cleaners with a slower reaction time have excellent dissolving power making them ideal for the stubborn residue of both wet and dried inks.

Kiwo’s Cleanline Range

The Cleanline range of products are more environmentally friendly than many other ink wash products currently on the market. Many of the Cleanline products can be diluted with water without reducing their effectiveness and are very effective at removing Plastisol, UV and some solvent-based inks.

Stencil Removers

KIWO supplies a range of Stencil Removers in both concentrated and ready for use form. These Stencil Removers are either Liquid, Powder or Paste and many are formulated for both manual and automatic reclaiming and are suitable to remove capillary films and polymer-based direct emulsions such as Diazo and SBQ sensitized emulsions.

Haze Removers

KIWO’s Haze Removers are available in both fast and slow acting formulations and are used in the removal of most ink stains and emulsion residue left on the screen after reclaiming.


Used prior to coating screens with emulsion, degreasers are available as liquids or pastes and come in “ready for use” or in concentrated form. Certain KIWO degreasers can also be used in conjunction with some KIWO ink washes for removing the most stubborn ghost images, ink, and emulsion residue or used as a chemical roughening agent for new aluminium frames that have not already been roughened.

Kiwo Cleaning Brushes

KIWO offers a range of specific brushes for use with all KIWO screen related chemicals.