Product Overview

KIWO Photo Emulsions have long been considered the benchmark within the Screen Printing industry in regards to quality and imaging results. With an extensive range covering the Graphic, Textile and Industrial markets, there is a range of Emulsions to suit each application.

  • Graphic applications include general graphic applications, 4-color process printing, POP and signage.
  • Textile applications include garment printing and textile transfers.
  • Industrial applications include CD/DVD decoration, ceramic tiles, PCB and electronic, container and specialty printing.

While each stencil system will exhibit very good resolution, mesh bridging, edge definition and exposure latitude within its field, it’s especially important to select the correct emulsion for the particular job being printed.
Different types of Emulsions usually offer specific advantages within their chemistry or system.

The 3 most common Emulsion systems are;

SBQ Emulsions

The pre-sensitized premixed one component SBQ emulsions offer Ultra-fast exposing speeds and excellent solvent resistance. Pre-Sensitized Dual-Cure Hybrid Emulsions offer excellent resolution, durability imaging properties but slightly longer exposure times.

Some ready-to-use SBQ emulsions are formulated with a “masking colour” that reduces light scattering on white mesh. Others are designed for use with solvent-based inks, conventional UV and water-based UV inks as well as glass printing with abrasive frit inks.

Diazo-Free – Dual-Cure Emulsion

This new Sensitizing Technology offers a diazo-free, (ready-to-use) dual-cure emulsion which does not require the mixing of a diazo powder with water. Emulsions using Dual Cure Technology provide unequalled exposure latitude and ease of decoating, even if underexposed. They are fast exposing with superb coating properties and durability, while being resistant to all solvent-based inks as well as water-based UV-cured inks which makes them ideal for general graphics, textile, and industrial applications.


Diazo emulsions have been used for many decades and are still preferred when low production cost is a major consideration. Diazo emulsions are either water resistant or resistant to UV and solvent-based inks. Plastisol inks may be used with either one of the listed emulsions.

Top quality prints result in market success.

With KIWO Emulsions, you can be certain of the quality in the first step of your screen-printing workflow.