Product Overview


KIWO Screen Adhesives are designed to adhere the Screen mesh to the frame. Creating a highly chemically resistant bond between the mesh and the frame, they can be used on frames made from either aluminium, steel, wood or galvanized iron.
KIWO screen adhesives are available as either the traditional two component systems consisting of Adhesive and Hardener or the newer one component UV Cured Adhesives.

Two-component Adhesive Systems

Most two component Adhesive systems can easily be applied by brush, are fast drying and after curing are resistant to almost all screen printing inks and most cleaning agents. The fast drying time of many adhesives allows the frame to be released from the stretching unit after a very short time

One-component (UV-light curing) Screen Adhesive

UV-light curing Adhesives differ from the two component systems in that they are one component and harden when exposed to a particular UV-light source. As with two component systems, they can be used on frames made from either aluminium, steel, wood or galvanized iron with the bond being resistant to all common screen printing inks and cleaning agents.


KIWO Screen Frame Lacquers are designed to create a solvent resistance for KIWO’s Screen Adhesive. After hardening, Lacquers offer good adhesion to the screen mesh, photo emulsions including wood and metal frames. Lacquers offer very good resistance to solvents such as alcohols, glycols, ketones, ester, white spirits as well as aqueous chemicals including those used in screen washing units. Some Lacquers can also be used to block-out the screen permanently as well as protecting the screen adhesive.